With day light these stairs remember us the eccentric architecture of M. C. Escher...
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... after the night,
    still a new day...
but in places like this,
it's not so easy to find
the exact boundaries...




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Stairs  and  corridors  just  to  walk 
through destruction and decadence...

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under the dust, mosaics that only ivy try to read...














Really I don't know, between these colors and black & white, what's closer to reality...

















... colors or naked B/W..? :  call me, if you know the answer.


    I look through the broken glasses to see
    what ever kind of world could exists out of
    these  windows : B/W or colour...














 ..." Black & White & Colours..."
  says the winter, with its silent
  snow ...


Built as convent  on ducal ground, the first stone of Villa Melano was set in September 1601.
The morphology of the villa has been modified during centuries in order to the demands of  the
different owners. During all the '600 and part of the following century, the history of the building
was tightly connected with the vicissitudes of the near Castle of Rivoli, with which it had a direct
underground communication.
After the conventual suppression decreed in 1805 by the Napoleonic government, the construction
became ownership of different noble families, last of which the Melano family, in the second half of 
the 800. In this period were started complexes jobs of restructuring, that turned radically the old
convent, among which the demolition of the ancient church and the modeling of the new gardens.
A marmoreal staircase joins the different levels of the noble building and a small chapel in neogotic
style lies the plain earth, in the angle north of the ancient convent.
The global aspect of the ownership was reached through following amplifications, and it was ended
with the construction of the palazzetto for the residence of the custodian of the stables and of the
replacements. An imposing complex of buttresses joins the different levels of the Park that surrounds
the complex, connected by covered passages emerging in some ample balconies.
Some traces remain of the old convent, like the parvis and some narrow underground environments,
parts survivors of the conventual cloister secentesco. The complex game of volumes, porticos,
windows and staircases, are indelible marked by devastations of time and carelessness of men.
Recently, has departed a project of restauration that should turn this historical building into a hotel.
Fuor stars, of course.-







       The New Fall of
Usher House


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Villa Melano - Rivoli (Turin) 
december 2003






       The New Fall of
Villa Melano

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