Abandoned buildings, dismissed factories, wasted hospitals...
Henk van Rensbergen photos are an exciting portrait of absence.
Objects, volumes, bare shapes surviving to time. Photos of emotions.














What is urban exploration?... a way of seeing the city by its hidden
side. Technical galleries, attics, construction places, roofs, all those 
"No Entry" places form a sort of parallel deserted town...


















Lab Wan











Chronicles of the Disused



Shots of the action of time on old houses in Spain.
How disuse changes destiny of things.
From Zaragoza, Jorge Soriano.






Desolation - Edifici abbandonati


When people disappear objects take new meanings, more
agreeing to their estetic shape, deprived of all connection to
human use. In this death grows up a new unusual, distorted
unforeseeable life. This site is dedicated to all those objects.


From Iceland the suggestive site of Nokkvi Eliasson: B/W
as a dramatic balance between light & shadows, land & sky...

Deserted Farms






Modern ruins



   " When first visiting ruins I realized that abandoned buildings
     had an interest and meaning that overrul the original design
     intent, that in fact they had become something quite different…"




Where no one lives

Urban & Industrial Photography from
the unusual France of Yves Marchand

Abandoned places, but also industrial interiors, ruins and travel shots by Tim Feresten. (Usa)



Urban exploring or night photography. Castles, military
hospitals, forgotten places in B/W by
Luc Van Den Bosch.
But not only this: also videos and original music…





Mysterious shadows, intense lights ...
the  B/W  dreams of Jason Grant.

Arch - Image







Forgotten Places


How old buildings try to survive in a world of demolition.
Tomas Gheys' shots from Belgium and Italy (Forgotten Sicily). Up to 600 photos, about the sadness of buildings. 







copertina23.jpg (9603 byte)




The Silent Wall

Photographic journal from urban explorations in and around Helsinki. But also a timeline of Winter War and Continuation War, and Germany between 1930 to 1945:  pictures from the collection of Kimmo Nummela.

The Institutional Green








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Shadows of Time. Hollow skeletons or downsized ugly creatures with bulgy eyes... Everywhere we can find lost footprints of civilization. Cement, metal and dust not claimed by anyone. An illusion of eternity.  From Russia the cold eye of Uryevich.




   Urban Adventure 


Deserted buildings, military sites, factories, warehouses… really various results from the evocative esplorations of Petr Kazil.

B/W without compromise : photos with notes of deserted
buildings and wasted plants. A collective site : for every 
place  the different approach of different sensibility.

  spuren der industrie


  Dismissed & still working plants, factories & other
  West Germany  collected by Klaus Lipinski. How to 
  freeze old buildings style, before the destruction.

abandoned buildings

   LN - LibriNuovi

Finding beauty in the dissonance: Sara Etten  Black'n White explorations around Buffalo: Psychiatric Center, State Asylum, Hospital...  Assorted night shots and other suggesting photos.


  Indipendent Literary Review.   
When readers became authors. History, Science, Fiction.
An eye out of korus to say what is usefull to read 
and what it's better not to read at all. ( LN on line - info )



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...opuszczone means abandoned: a site devoted to unusual, 
mysterious places. Buildings, factories, churches...
From Poland and not only, the shots of Travis & Chris.







j u n d l


Jundl photography is intuition. Intuition of shapes,
light effects, messages in nature and simple things. 

Photography like a journey through emotions.