The Original Photos
Insane Asylum


Sometimes  happens  to
meet  some stories  that 
we would'nt like to meet
at all.    
Stories without smile, without joy neither hope. 
There's no space for gratification or pleasure, in these  kind  of stories, because there's  no space 
for pleasure or gratification where pain fills up the scene.





... when photos became an extension of memory...




Original Photo documentation from 







11-028laboratorioTorino2.jpg (21008 byte)


Chemical Laboratory

The  Library



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14-046cabinaelettricaCollegno2.jpg (22016 byte)


15-53lavanderiaCollegno2.jpg (27869 byte)




The  Laundry 

Shoemakers workroom 

Electric Power Unit 


The common dormitory 

18-61calzoleriaCollegno2.jpg (21667 byte)


Cementist plant 






16-54lavanderiaCollegno2.jpg (20793 byte)

21-64cementistiCollegno2.jpg (19504 byte)



17-58guardarobaCollegno2.jpg (15535 byte)



Broom handmakers 

99-tabella04bis.jpg (37717 byte)

The wardrobe 


The List of the Inmates 

20-63fabbrscopeCollegno2.jpg (17009 byte)

     Shadows of Madness
Insane Asylum



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Historical photos are from the site     www.asl5.piemonte/archivio
containing also more detailed info about Regio Manicomio history.