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                Lost & Least :

Fotografia B/N Digitale & Reflex - Archeologia industriale minima - 
    Edifici perduti e senza valore.
    Photography B/W Reflex & Digital - Industrial archeology - Lost factories
    Lost & Least places.
    Ferrovie abbandonate - Locomotive dismesse - Vapore & Ruggine.
    Abandoned Railways - Ancient trains - Steam & Rust.
    Archeologia militare - Fortificazioni  in rovina - Military Ruins.
... But also..:
    Incisioni - Gravures - Engravings : acqueforti - acquetinte - vernis mou.
    Grafica classica : sogni visioni incubi - Dreams Visions Nightmares.
    Fotografie estemporanee di strada ; ... tutto sommato Facce facce facce.
    Road photography ; Faces faces faces...: the first thing we lose.
maybe  also  slowness - sometimes -
can  be  a  usefull  lesson ...

Have a good trip...

c. reger
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